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Aldo Hoeben

Other interesting things and projects

Control Theory hands-on demo
Have a go at steering a bike at different orders control: Location, speed, acceleration and more...


Walking with Vermeer
A walk through 17th and 18th century Delft. The project is a collaboration of Drs. Kees Kaldenbach and the ID-Studiolab. 'Walking with Vermeer' consists of a number of movies, based upon original master drawings, showing the area in Delft which Vermeer painted in his famous 'The View of Delft'.

Visit Walking with Vermeerexternal link
More information about Vermeerexternal link

Panorama ID-Studiolab
Have a look around in the ID-Studiolab

You might have noticed we recently moved to a new building. See how it looked when the new building was still empty...
And yet again, our lab changed... The wall has fallen!
Participate in the decoration of our newly united lab.
I have been helping Ianus Keller building his Cabinet installation. Recently he has been getting great response demoing his work.