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Aldo Hoeben


ideas: a designers' sketching-tool
Sketching is an important part of the early idea-generation phase of the designprocess. This research focusses on better tools for sketching designers.

Statement: When trying to find tools that support sketching it is important to realise the purpose of externalising ideas. Studies show that supporting the designer's internal dialog during the creative process may be more important than representing and communicating problems and solution to others. It is therefore important that sketch-supporting tools don't have a stifling influence on the externalisation.


Apart from publications, there are some 'tangible' results of my research

A number of concepts and ideas for a digital sketchbook are now implemented in a prototype digital sketchbook.
The prototype is running on a Fujitsu Stylistic 3400 Pen Computer. Roughly stated, this is a laptop machine without the keyboard and with a touchscreen, not unlike the TabletPC type of computers Microsoft is working on. While the hardware still has limitations, it allows us to quickly implement and evaluate new concepts and ideas.

Currently the prototype has replaced my conventional paper sketchbook; As a radical way to evaluate the prototype and explore its shortcomings I have made the complete switch and I'm using the sketchbook as my primary means of making notes and sketches in for my design agency studioPKO.

xpZoom is a visual support tool for online- or telephone meetings and discussions. Focussed on design-team or/and designer-to-client needs, xpZoom combines a shared whiteboard with pre-distributed images to be discussed. xpZoom is designed to be used alongside another (non-visual) communication tool/system, so it does not include voice- or chat-functionality.