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This page is the source and explanation of the ID-Studiolab 'kleurplaat' (as in: the type of picture you find in a children's coloring book). The kleurplaat was created to do some virtual reality color studies with our newly enlarged lab.

The kleurplaat

The kleurplaat can be downloaded here as weird looking jpg image. Looking at it, you can imagine the image to be like a map of the earth: the ceiling ("north pole") and the floor ("south pole") of the ID-Studiolab are stretched. As you can see above, using a special Java-applet, this distortion can be corrected in realtime allowing you to 'look around'.

Available formats:

The colorstudy

If you want to share ideas about what the ID-Studiolab should look like (color-wise), you can download the kleurplaat (use your browser's 'Save as...' command). When you have the image, you can either print it out, color it in and hand it in with me, or you can go the digital route and paint in the image in your favourite app (such as photoshop or painter). I will 'fold' your ideas back into a virtual reality version like the one above. The coolest ones will not only be taken into account when we finally get to deciding on colors, but they will also be featured here ;-)

Have fun!


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