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Aldo Hoeben

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I graduated at the ID-Studiolab in februari 2000. My graduation project was about a sketch-tool for industrial designers, focussing on the early, conceptual stages of the design process. Since then I've been continuing this research and implementing and evaluating some of the concepts I - and others at the lab - developped.

Update: As of August 1st 2005, I embarked on a new adventure as Experience Engineer at a technology startup named Avinity. Apart from this job, I am continuing my panoramic photography work at my own company fieldOfView. Finally, you can read about my ongoing adventures on my weblog.

Update: After a great time at Avinity, I left the company in April 2006 to focus on my panoramic work full time, at my company fieldOfView. I am dealing with both the art and the technology of panoramic imaging, and I joined the Board of Directors of the IVRPA, an international association of likeminded photographers.

  phone:+31 10 4267327