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Aldo Hoeben


Computer Visualisaton for Designers (IDE 521)
With the course Computer Visualisation for Designers, we try to show students the benefits (and current limitations) of using a 3d modeling and visualisation package (Alias Wavefront's Maya) in the early phase of design. Starting from an existing design, students do an exploratory form-study as well as a color/material-study and an optional presentation rendering.

Information & Interaction (used to be Informatica 2)
The information part of I&I aims to teach students how computers can be used as user interface design and mockup tools. In this course I give a lecture on new soft- and hardware tools. Furthermore I help students during the practical part of the course which teaches the students how to use Macromedia Director.

Research projects (IDE 350)
We try to introduce students to the research at our lab. In the course IDE 350, small groups of students perform smallscale research on our current topics.
List of current/past projects:

Graduation projects (IDE 350)
After graduating myself at the ID-Studiolab back in 2000, I now enjoy seeing the process from the other side ;-). I find graduation projects very inspiring, and welcome students who do their graduation project in an area that lies close to my interests.
List of current/past graduation students: