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No projects; just another statement

As you can read in my personel statement, I am not very much of a theoretic. However, since my work at TUDelft I work together with researchers and I enjoy it. What designers and researchers share (or at least, they should) is curiosity and creativity. Of course, there are aspects in which their intentions are different. Mainly, designers are looking for usebillity, as researchers are interrested in unrefutebillity of their results. As designers are aiming for a final goal, researchers want to be in control over every step of the way to it.
So, in a multidisciplinary team of researchers and designers you can create golden opportunities.
- Do trainings together on the fields of creativity and curiosity. Learn to know and respect each other.
- Designers should involve researchers in defining their goals, making use of their analytical abillities.
- Researchers should involve designers in finding the solutions they need for every step of "the road", taking advantage of their practical points of view.
In the Studio Lab we find the conditions to come to this ideal as close as possible. In fact, boarders between the disciplines seem to become more vague every day. I hope so ...