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Eversince I was a boy (more then 40 years ago) I have been obsessed by building "things" and make them "work". Rather then doing my homework and learn something, I spend hours and days, painting my room black or building my own furniture in my father's garage. I always felt that I was waisting time wenn the result of my efforts was nothing "tangeable" .
So after high-school (which was a hard time for me) I went to art-school where I could "make things" all day long. Not art, of course, but things that work (interiors and stuff). After school I worked as a designer on several jobs for about ten Years. Then I started as a free-lancer, designing and consulting for offices, industry and private costumers.
Since 1990, beside this work, I do a part-time job at TUDelft which give me the opportunity to share my experience with Young people who enjoy making things and who would like to make a profession out of it. (bookmark this page).