Challenging the Future: Designing for Sustainable Living and Work

Event Date: October 28th, 2009

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Green is the new black, but looking beyond the hype of sustainability, we are still far from solving our two biggest problems, Climate Change and Peak Oil. The urgency, complexity and shared responsibility concerning sustainability are becoming increasingly clear, hand-in-hand with the business benefits of going green. Companies are looking for new niches and ways of thinking, but how can designers integrate sustainable thinking into their business practices?

Interaction design can be leveraged in addressing environmental sustainability issues. Sustainable interaction design is an emerging field that positions the user as the central player in sustainable systems. New research shows how sustainability and sustainable behavior can be embedded and supported within the context of the home and workplace in the short and long terms.

Technology holds both positive and negative implications towards a sustainable future. Technology affords the possibility to design intelligent, context-aware and interconnected products beyond physical products that can adapt to user behaviors and desires over time. Interaction designers can address sustainability and sustainable behavior from a user centered perspective, from the starting point of users situated within the context of their daily lives.

On October 28th, 2009, we invite you to attend our international symposium on sustainable interaction design, featuring five guest lectures and the inaugural lecture of Professor David Keyson. These perspectives from cutting edge research provide diverse examples of how interaction design can positively affect value changes and social norms on the issue of environmental sustainability from both bottom-up and top-down perspectives. There is a way forward, and we take empowering ideas and examples on how to proceed in the face of such complexity.



David Keyson
Ramia Maze
Cees Midden
Krithi Ramamritham
Pascal Soboll
Gert Spaargaren

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