This course is about creating presentational renderings with high end CAD Software. The course is an elective of industrial design engineering in Delft and runs twice a year with 48 students.

At the start a product is modeled in a surface modeller then visualised and materialised based on moodboards and advertisements. The results are presented in poster like renderings.

the course explained in 3 posters

In the gallery the best student work is presented. Browse the results of more than ten years of product visualisations. Several software packages have been used in the past. We started with 3DGO by ElectroGIG followed by 3D StudioMAX R2 and now using Alias Maya.

4 presentations

In 2004 we had a virtual exhibition showing the results in our virtual building of industrial design. The exhibition took place in the real building of industrial design on classical arcade machines designed by Boris Tellegen

3 pictures of the virtual expo

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