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What is xpZoom?

xpZoom (pronounced 'puh-zoom') is a visual support tool for online- or telephone meetings and discussions. Focussed on design-team or/and designer-to-client needs, xpZoom combines a shared whiteboard with pre-distributed images to be discussed. xpZoom is designed to be used alongside another (non-visual) communication tool/system, so it does not include voice- or chat-functionality.

Why xpZoom?

Improve communication between designers in (multi-site) design-teams as well as between designers and clients.
- 'Praktijktoets van het ministerie van Binnenlandse zaken'
- (Ill)communication is holding back dutch design-firms.

How does xpZoom work?

Prior to the planned meeting, a 'visual agenda' is distributed among the attendees of the meeting. This 'visual agenda' contains the graphic material that will be discussed in the form of a large collage.

During the meeting, attendees can zoom into the large collage to discuss specific areas. Zoom-actions, as well as scribbles on the zoomed in area are distributed in realtime to all attendees.

After the session has ended, or when a user leaves the meeting, all zoomed-in states and scribbles can be saved out as 'visual minutes'.