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The ideas project was Aldo Hoeben's graduation project form through februari 2000, and is currently his research project as an assitant professor.

When trying to find tools that support sketching it is important to realise the purpose of externalising ideas. Studies show that supporting the designer's internal dialog during the creative process may be more important than representing and communicating problems and solution to others. It is therefore important that sketch-supporting tools don't have a stifling influence on the externalisation.

living with a digital sketchbook
About two years before the launch of Microsoft's TabletPC, we started implementing a number of concepts and ideas for a digital sketchbook in a prototype digital sketchbook.
The current prototype runs on a Fujitsu Stylistic 3400 Pen Computer, a precursor of the TabletPC platform. While the hardware still has limitations, it allows us to quickly implement and evaluate new concepts and ideas.

Currently the prototype is use as a replacement for Aldo Hoeben's conventional paper sketchbook; As a radical way to evaluate the prototype and explore its shortcomings he has made the complete switch and is using the sketchbook as his primary means of making notes and sketches for his design agency studioPKO.

related publications

Hoeben A.; ideas, a Designers' Sketchtool; Graduation report, Februari 2000, Delft (NL).

Download: Thumbnailslider mockup external link

Hoeben A., Stappers P.J.; Flicking through Page-based Documents with Thumbnail Sliders and Electronic Dog-ears; CHI 2000 Conference, The Haque (NL).

Download: Paper (532 Kb) PDF document
Download: Thumbnailslider mockup external link

Stappers, P.J. & Hoeben, A.; Every pixel user-made: Aesthetic consistency in the development of computer-supported conceptual design tools. In: Bulletin of the Fifth Asian Design Conference, October 12-15, Seoul, Korea. ISBN 89-952486-2-9 98060.

Hoeben A., Stappers P.J.; ideas: concepts for a designers' sketching-tool; CHI 2001 Conference, Seattle (USA).

Download: Paper (22 Kb) PDF document
View: ideas - the movie download movie

Hoeben A., Stappers P.J.; Direct talkback in computer supported tools for the conceptual stage of design; To appear in Knowledge Based Systems, Special Issue.

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