1st round MSRDE  contestans at TU Delft spiritual home of the GustbowlOrganisation of MSRDE design contest.ITP - New York USAIndustrial Design Centre - Bombay IndiaCarnegy Mellon - Pittsburg USA

The maMasBoys would like to thank: our moms (and dads of course) for all their love and support, everybody at studiolab for their help, guidance and inspiration (especially Ianus Keller and Pieter Jan Stappers), all the teams participating in the two rounds of the MSRDE2003 (1st round at TU Delft; Blink, Ovid and Spirits, 2nd round at Microsoft; CMU Design, NYU ITP,IDC IIT), all people who helped to improve our presentation at Mcrosoft even further (especially Lili cheng and Joy Mountford).

copyright the maMasBoys