Meaning and expression

Some will see an Audi A4 as a dull, but trustworthy car; others however may find it sophisticated or perhaps even masculine. People continuously see and talk about products in terms of their (metaphorical) expression, character, or meaning. Such symbolic associations are mysteriously constructed in the interaction between our (embodied) mind and the product, both being part of a cultural and social context. In this program we investigate the process underlying this meaning construction and the extent to which it is mediated by characteristics of the product, such as its material, appearance, sound, and other sensory qualities.

Projects of the field:

Generating and Experiencing Product Metaphors
Nazli Cila
Promoter: Prof. Dr. Paul Hekkert
Metaphors are powerful tools for conveying meaning. They transform our usual way of seeing things by presenting one concept in terms of another. The designers make use of metaphors frequently so as to apply novel ideas to design problems. This research explores the processes underlying the metaphor generation of designers, and also the experience of the users interacting with product metaphors.

Meanings of Materials: Supporting Designers to Involve the Meanings of Materials in Materials Selection Process
Elvin Karana
Promoter: Prof. Dr. Paul Hekkert
Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Prabhu Kandachar
Materials, offering distinctive characteristics and attributes, are key factors in design to improve products not only for the 'use and function', but also for the creation of products' meanings. This research is addressing the designers' concerns on materials beyond technical, and integrating these concerns with materials selection activity.
This project is related to tactile aesthetics

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