Design and emotion

Emotion is a central quality of human existence, and most of our behaviour and thought is influenced and enriched by emotions. All human-product interactions show emotional colour; either pleasant (e.g. satisfaction, desire, admiration, fascination, etcetera), unpleasant (e.g. contempt, disappointment, dissatisfaction, boredom, etcetera), or combinations of pleasant and unpleasant. We develop instruments to measure these emotions that are experienced in response to, or elicited by, seeing, using, owning, or thinking about products. In addition, we also develop models to explain product emotions and the conditions that underlie them. Our main aim is to use these theoretical insights and measurement procedures for developing emotion driven design approaches.

Projects in this field:

In-flight Emotions
Pieter Desmet
Developing a procedure to measure emotional and mood responses of airplane passengers. the project is sponsered by KLM.

Interaction Appraisals: Understanding and Designing for User Emotions (Phd. Project)
Erdem Demir
Promoter: Prof. Dr. Paul Hekkert
Supervisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Pieter Desmet
The project focuses on the cognitive basis of emotions elicited by human-product interaction, i.e. interaction appraisals. It consists of three major parts: understanding user's appraisals that are activated in an emotional interaction episode, measuring these appraisals, and proposing strategies to activate those appraisals for an emotional response.

The Experience of Love in Person-Product Interaction (Phd. Project)
Beatris Russo
Promoter: Prof. Dr. Paul Hekkert
Supervisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. stella Boess
This project investigates the love experienced in person-product relationships. The focus is on conceptualizing the experience of love and contributing to design practice. It is related to the field of design and emotion/ design for experience, and is partially funded by CNPq ? National Council of Research (Brazil).

Dynamic measurement of emotion in person-artifact interaction (Phd. Project)
Gaël Laurans
Promoter: Paul Hekkert
Supervisor: Pieter Desmet
Many techniques are available to measure emotions but none are specifically developed to continously assess emotional processes during interactions between a person and artifacts. This project explores non-intrusive approaches to the measurement of emotion combining self-confrontation and psychophysiology.

Other related projects:
Sensory incongruity and surprise in product design (Phd. Project) by Geke Ludden

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