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A better teaser: The Cabinet in use at WAACS with a sequence of how the grabbing of real ditigal material really works The Cabinet is an experiential prototype built for supporting my research into designers interaction with informal collections of visual material. If you want to know more best thing is to read the 4 page article on Cabinet in the Delft Outlook (PDF) or the Delft Integraal (PDF in Dutch) or better yet, wacht the Cabinet Movies.

The Cabinet can help designers collect and organize the images they have on their computers together with the physical visual artefacts they have collected in the context of their design work. To get an idea of the Cabinet, see what people say about the Cabinet.

The Cabinet has been built as a one-off experimental working prototype using wood, Director, broken tiBook, aluminium, Ixus, Ultrapad, RemCap and it looks like this. These elements could never amount to glory, if it weren't for the Cabinet team.

Ianus Keller