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Affective Tangible Interaction

In brief the proposed PhD research will identify what types of behavior or interactions with tangible products can be interpreted as stressful behavior. Continuously it will explore whether this behavior can be interpreted by means of behavioral sensors in a tangible interface and whether the processed information could serve as a trigger for physiological measurement or input for an intelligent environment that controls ambient displays such as light, music and projections. Finally the research will focus on how feedback on this behavior and physiological information could be presented on the tangible interface to the user in order to create awareness and support in coping with stress and increase well-being. Results from this research should provide guidelines on how affective tangible interaction could be implemented in any type of product.


Promotor:         Paul Hekkert
Co-promotor:    David Keyson
Supervisor:       Caroline Hummels


Miguel Bruns Alonso
Den Dolech 2
5612AZ Eindhoven
Room HG 2.59

+31 (0)40 247 5966
mbruns [at]

Links to project partners

Smart Surroundings
Roessingh R&D
Lancaster University

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People who inspired me

Karlos Arguiñano
José Roberto Gama de Oliveira
Kristina Höök
Rosalind Picard
Stephan Wensveen

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