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Sketching Tools for Designers



One of the subjects of research at the ID-StudioLab deals with the tools designers use during the early phases of the design proces (see Inspiration Engineering).

Computers have made a succesfull entrance in the later phases of the design-process. CAD/CAM programs have made the process of technical drafting and communicating specifications to manufacturers more efficient while 3d modelling and rendering tools allow for very realistic visuals for presentations or focusgroup testing.

In the earlier phases of the design-process the situation is different. Designers find computers stiffling creativity and prefer their traditional tools such as pen and paper for sketching, piles of magazines for inspiration and actually meeting people to 'communicate'.

Sketching is an important activity during the initial phases of the design process, where exploring and creating solutions and ideas are more prevalent than describing and finalising. On these pages we will show our current sketch-related research and some of the distinct projects that have led us here:

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