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Research Interests

In my research, I try to understand how everyday interactions can impact people's experience of love (and vice-versa). I try to understand how person-product interactions through time can help us design (better) future products and services, as well as investigating the relationship between usability and affection, and observing the impact of person-product relationships in our environment (sustainability). For that...

I peer into people's lives and observe how other interact with the world around them. Not only the world of objects (possessions), but everything that may have an impact in their lives. I search for interaction and experiential patterns.

I observe the world around them, their culture, and what makes us different, what brings us together.

I listen to their stories and try to understand their motivations. Why certain decisions were made? Why interaction happened in a certain way? How people cope with everyday life?

I tell stories, trying to make sense of it all. Use all I observe and learn from people to inspire students, designers, researchers, marketing professionals, and so on.

And I observe their reactions, how others make sense of my stories (and data). Understand how research on person-product relationships can (e.g.) influence the design and re-design of products and services, the change marketing and branding strategies, and help companies envision the future.

Human-centered design research methods, as well as the 'Experience Interaction Tool' I have developed, help me tackling on these issues.

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