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Ianus Keller


My research is now in the "semi"-final stage of getting the publications out, cleaning up and doing the grand finale. I have divided it in several projects related with publications.

TRI, The inpsiration station
The TRI (referring to Three Ranges of Interaction) setup is a body-scaled interactive workplace to explore, discuss and communicate new concepts. Using TRI we have been able to experience and prototype rough ideas using a combination of projected light (computer beamers) and physical objects.

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New media tools in a a creative environment
Looking at how we as researchers interact with our tools such as the TRI Setup, we looked at how new media tools could influence creative professionals working in a creative environment such as a studio, a workshop or a atelier.

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Mindmapping informal collections
Observations about informal categorization of visual information in daily usage. Using images of different types of collections as a central image, designers, researchers and artists were asked to "mindmap" on their relationship and associations with informal collections.
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Building a theoretical framework
Using the mindmaps as a bootstrapping method to find the keywords needed for a theoretical framework, we have mapped relevantliterature on collections, designer tools and creativity into a theoretical map of different fields.

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Informal collections used by designers
Using cultural probes, interviews and observations, we have explored how designers currently use their collections of visual material and what role it plays in the design process.

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Supporting informal collecting in a creative environment
Using a prototypical setup we are going to explore and experiment the way computer tools and digital media (such as previously explored in the TRI setup) could be used to support active collecting by designers in their daily work.

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