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Ianus Keller

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Balkenende with Cabinet
Promovendusphone:+31 15 27 81714
"visually inspired"room:10-2A-23

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Ianus likes to present his Cabinet to everyone!
Ianus often spelled as Janus is not part of the iPod conspiracy


Graduated from Industrial Design Engineering here at the Delft University of Technology in 1995. During this period participated in the Apple Interface Design Project where I was invited to the Cupertino headquarter to show the results.

Started right after that as a designer at Landmark Design & Technology (the company where I graduated) where I worked on great projects such as phone booths, bus stops, pregnancy tests and interfaces for educational networks. The best of times!

Worked at Virtual Affairs, a web design company (or E-business architect), as a consultant working on websites, intranets, process reengineering, web applications and shops for nice clients such as Dutchtone, Algemeen Dagblad and some to remain anonymous car brands (^), banks (roaar), local governments (under the smoke of Rotterdam) and telecom providers (there can be only one).

Currently member of the BNO creatieve raad (creative counsel) and member of the jury in the 2003 and 2004 ThinkQuest webstrijd. Furthermore coordinated the very succesful TU Delft participation in the Microsoft Research Design Expo with the Mamasboys.

Started my Ph. D. project shortly after the birth of my daughter Kris. Together with my son Boris we truly are one happy family. Apart from work and family we also run a nice little art gallery called 'Galerie in de weg' in Dordrecht.

Oh, currently there's a lot of stuff going on...