In short

My name is Walter Aprile, I have worked at the Studiolab at Industrial Design Engineering in the Delft University of Technology. I have taught in ITD, UTAR, Food Design & Culture and the Interactive Environments Minor, Exploring Interaction, Interaction and Electronics and other courses. My interests are

  • the design of interactive objects, environment and services, with a focus on experiential prototyping
  • food design related topics except presentation (no, I don’t do cupcakes)

I have an extensive if somewhat messy web presence.

  • The Food Design & Culture elective, designed by me and Annemiek van Boeijen.
  • I am on Twitter as user baffo.
  • A lot of professional linkery on LinkedIn.
  • Like everybody else, I have given in and I have a Facebook page, but it is not about design.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

On the bottom of the iceberg, you can find things like this one.